Travelling has always been the best thing in everyone life. It has always been the best part of our lives, exploring these places and knowing more about that place, their culture, their lives and many more other things. But the most important thing is to find a perfect place to […]

There’s a special breed of hotels that cater to the most discerning and tasteful of luxury travelers, so profoundly unforgettable and special you want to keep them all to yourself. Set apart by their location, sheer luxury, history or venerability — and in many cases, all of the above — […]

There are a few places in Bangalore, which might end up achieving the “wow” factor.  constructed in such a way that it has the mixture of beauty and authenticity. Right from jobs to hangouts, Bangalore is supposed to be the best place. Earlier when there was no traffic, the City […]

Ten years from now, a hotel stay will be a much different experience than today. Picture this: As you approach the property entrance, you see a massive art installation illuminated by an LED light show. You walk through the door to the lobby, bypass the check-in area, and are guided […]

Some hotels and hotel chains take sustainability more seriously than others, but the industry as a whole has certainly become greener in recent years. Those little cards may seem like token environmentalism, but they can actually result in significant water, waste and cost reductions. The website Economically Sound reports that […]